Star Wars: Dawn of the Force

It is a dark time in the galaxy. With the defeat of Emperor Palpatine and the dissolution of the Galactic Empire, it was hoped that peace would reign in the Galaxy. But it was not to be.

The alliance during the war between the Rebellion and the Sith’Arii Empire soon collapsed in distrust and accusations. The force using Sith’Arii Acolytes withdrew to their home worlds in the Thule Sector, and their ancient capitol, Ziost. Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano attempted to resurrect their ancient order but failed. A New Republic led by a new Senate on Hosnia Prime, restored order for some of the Galaxy. Remnants of the Galactic Empire flourished in the far reaches and gave rise to a new regime, The First Order.

30 years have passed since the death of the Emperor. The Sith’Arii, long withdrawn from galactic politics, now shows a keen interest in the First Order and their Knights of Ren. Two generations of Sith’Arii Acolytes now stand at the forefront of the Sith’Arii fleet. Ziost flexes its might and sends Acolytes into the galaxy, once again to change the course of history.

Dawn of the Force is a Star Wars campaign using the Force & Destiny rules from Fantasy Flight Games. It is set in the modern Canon era of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with several changes based on the earlier Star Wars: Artemis campaign.

Dawn of the Force

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