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The campaign wiki covers all areas of the background and options available to characters and players. All new content will be detailed with character level information and some optional player sidebars where needed. Content may be planets, force powers, specializations, species, or anything else. Where needed, files will be linked containing XML details for use with the Ogg Star Wars EoTE Character Generator.

Official Timeline

The campaign follows a modified timeline of the galaxy currently supported by Star Wars Canon (as opposed to the Expanded Universe’s Legends timeline.) The biggest significant change to the timeline concerns the inclusion of the Sith’Arii Empire, its foundations, and history.


Locations visited or commonly referenced, including governments, are detailed on their own pages. Additional player commentary is listed on sidebars in this section to address terms and concepts that are new to the Star Wars canon.

  • Sith’Arii Empire – Military power in the Outer Rim, centered in the Thule Sector.
  • Imperial Remnant – Military power in the Unknown Regions, centered on Bastion.
  • New Republic – Military power in the Core Worlds, centered on the Hosnian System.
  • Ziost – Capital World of the Sith’Arii Empire.
  • Korriban – Ancient home world of the Sith.
  • Splintir – World in the Imperial Remnant where an ancient Jedi Temple was discovered.
  • Mandalore – Member world of the Sith’Arii Empire, famous for Bounty Hunters.

New Races

Two new character races have been added to the species available for the campaign.

  • Pantoran – Race seen in The Clone Wars TV series, as exemplified by Riyo Chuchi.
  • Miralukan – Force sensitive race from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

New Force Powers

At least three new force powers have been added to the game, though none are open to all characters. Certain backgrounds and specializations will grant access to them.

  • Alchemy – Use of the Force to reshape inorganic materials, imbue them with power, or control imbued items.
  • Sorcery – Sith Tradition of manipulating species through corruption and mutation.
  • Life Channel – Royal Sith tradition of extending life through the theft of life force from others.
  • Necromancy – The ability of the Force to animate dead bodies as remote puppets or sensors.

New Items

Several items have been added to equipment available in the campaign. They are detailed below.

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