Sith'Arii Empire

The Sith’Arii Empire

Situated between the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Routes, with its furthest point core-ward in the Mandalorian System, the Sith’Arii Empire is a system spanning regional power in the North Eastern sectors of the Galaxy. The heart of the Empire lies in the Thule Sector, home of the Ancient Sith Homeworld, Korriban, the capital of its ancient empire, Dromund Kaas, and the dark worlds between. It is a largely reclusive power in the Galaxy, focused more on fleet activities beyond the edge of the galactic disc than on the politics within.


The Sith’Arii Empire is built on the ruins of the Sith Empire, lost to wars and disasters some three thousand years ago. Prior to the end of the Galactic Civil War against Emperor Palpatine, many of the core worlds that comprise the heart of the new empire were forbidden, abandoned or uninhabitable. During the war, researchers discovered and awakened the Ancient Sith Lord, Darth Melissande. Being a descendant of the Immortal Emperor Vitiate, she was trained in the powers that allowed him to withstand the ravages of time. Seeing the state of the galaxy, she began an insurgent resistance working against the Galactic Empire. She uncovered many of the hidden troves of technology and Force training from her ancient masters. These she brought to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The allied powers fought and defeated Emperor Palpatine.

After the war, the relationship between the Sith’Arii Empire and the New Republic soured. This was mostly due to amnesty programs run by the Sith’Arii to welcome former Imperial military and citizenry into their regime. Their outreach programs, including stark criticisms of the failures of the Republic to prevent the rise of the Galactic Empire and the tragic losses caused by the Clone Wars, undermined many of the goals of the New Republic. This was then combined with severe distrust of the Sith’Arii Force Traditions by the resurgent Jedi Masters. When the Sith’Arii pardoned several high ranking Imperial defectors wanted for War Crimes by the New Republic, all treaties were annulled.

Many systems in the region allied with or fully joined the Sith’Arii Empire, including most of the systems and worlds that once belonged to the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Vast refugee populations were resettled onto newly terraformed worlds in the Thule Sector and nearby regions.


The primary government of the Sith’Arii Empire is that of a Constitutional Monarchy. While the Empress is the titular head of the government, most of her powers reside in veto authority vested in the Council of Ziost, a judicial body of Force Users that oversees matters of state. The Council is led by the Empress’ Regent, Lord Jhyanna, who is referred to as “Voice of the Empress.”

Below the Council is the main legislative body of the Empire, a bicameral parliament made up of a “House of Systems” and “House of Interests.” The upper house, the House of Systems, is made up of representatives from each of the systems governed by the Empire. The lower house, the House of Interests, is made up of representatives from various corporations, collectives, trade unions, and military organizations.

Below the Parliament, regional Governors are responsible for the enforcement of laws at the local level.

Sith'Arii Empire

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